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5th Edition of the International Prize of Humour and Custom Satire

5th Edition of the International Prize of Humour and Custom Satire

The Province of Lodi and the town of Codogno, with the help of public or private
organizations and institutions, are going to proclaim the 5th Edition of the
International Prize of Humour and Custom Satire entitled: "Giuseppe Novello: a
good family man".

Both professional and amateur graphic artists can participate to the competition,
by sending unpublished works together with the enrollment form .
Only original works will be accepted, that is, works never published in any kind of
magazines or exhibited in shows.

Each artist is allowed to participate with 3 works at most, regarding the following
theme: "World cup", that is the subject of the 5th Edition of the Novello Prize.
Each work have to be part of the competition spirit and deal with humour and
custom satire. For this reason, works about political satire will not be accepted, as
well as drawings against decency.

It is important also to remember that only the following paintings techniques are
permitted: pencil, Indian ink, watercolour, coloured ink, felt-tip pen.
All works will be examinated by a Jury and the winning drawings will be exposed
at the Show of the International Prize of Humour and Custom Satire that will be in
Codogno from 6h February 2010.

The works will not be returned, since soon they will be recollected in archives by
the Culture and Sport Councillorship of Codogno.

All drawings will not be used for commercial aims, but only to promote the Prize
itself in magazines, newspapers, web, in Italy and abroad.
For this reason, each artist is asked to permit the reproduction of his/her work , if
necessary (except for profit).

The winners will be awarded the following prizes :
1. Novello Prize-1st classified : Euros 1.500,00
2. 2nd classified : Euros 1.000,00
3. 3rd classified : Euros 500,00
4. Special prizes will be awarded from the Jury, after having judged the works
quality and characteristics, for this reason, the amount of the prizes will be
established in collaboration with available partnership.

The Jury is composed by cartoonists, journalists and showmen and Councillorship
The Jury is also allowed to not award any prize. In this case, the amount of money
will increase the worth of the prizes for the following edition.

All works and enrollment forms must be sent by post or by hand to the Secretary
of the 5th Edition of the "Novello Prize" at the Cultural Office of the town hall of
Codogno - Via Vittorio Emanuele 4, 26845 Codogno (Lodi) - Italia Tel. (039) 377
314234 ; Fax. (039) 377 35646 within 11th January 2010 (for works send by post
won't validate the postmark) or by mail:

Any other kind of drawing will be not accepted.
The drawings:
a) must be unpublished (as previously specified in "Rules") and without frame
b) must preferably respect the A4 size (21x 29,7 cm)
Works can be coloured, in black and white or containing text.
In case of strips, the pages (at most 3) must be numbered, following the standard

Expiry date for the presentation of works: 11th January 2010

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