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Deadline 30. 11. 2010

Theme: Extreme art
The First International Contest of Graphic Humor ‘ The Ron Ron ‘ of Guatemala, invites all the humorists of the world to take part with the topic and to help us to create our Institution:

Only will accept a one work for participant in format of 50×40 cms.

(In digital form : 150 ppi of resolution in file jpg – rgb color).

Entries produced on a computer should be numbered and signed by pencil… and send to: guillelorentzen@gmail.com
With the intention of creating a fund for the Institution will ask for this time for 10.00 Euros for participant.

Donations of Institutions will be accepted and public in general, which will be published days later to the deadline that is indicated further on.

The donations will be realized by Western Union to the organizer: Guillermo Lorentzen Martínez. Address: 15 av.,5-50, zone 11, Carabanchel, Guatemala City, phone: (502)50023122

To send the Number of the deal to: guillelorentzen@gmail.com
Or by PayPal: Guillermo Lorentzen Martínez by e-mail: glorentzen@yahoo.com
The works will be exhibited in the blog: www.humorchapin.wordpress.com

In the virtual museum

The deadline of admission of works is November 30, 2010.

The awards.

The awards in this first contest will consist of Diploms and Trophies and in accordance with the donations that are received it might give an award in Euros to.

Address: Humor Chapin

The Ron Ron- The Guatemalan Humor Online Magazinne

15 Av. 5-50, zone 11, Carabanchel, Guatemala City

Central America.

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