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Climate Kid Campaign With UNICEF and Green Thing

Climate Kid Campaign
With UNICEF and Green Thing

Download the full brief from the pdf menu opposite

In January 2011 UNICEF and Green Thing are launching the Climate Kid campaign. Climate Kid is a witty idea that shows how kids all over the world have to evolve to climate change now and climate change in the future.

We are looking for illustrators to contribute original artwork to be competition prizes to help support the Climate Kid campaign!

We are promoting the concept of Climate Adaptation, creating a campaign exploring how children will need to adapt and evolve to cope. What will children now and in the future need to develop in order to adapt to their new climate?

Climate Kid Campaign needs you!
We would like to offer a limited number of original artworks (illustrations/cartoons) by artists who have interpreted the Climate Kid concept in their own signature ways.

The works produced will then be offered as competition prizes to engage users, re-tell the ‘future evolution vs. adaptation now’ message and generate a stream of ongoing competition news to keep the campaign live and fresh.

Starting from some of the ideas outlined below, or even better some ideas of your own, UNICEF would like you to draw what you think a Climate Kid – a child who has evolved to adapt to extreme climate change – is going to look like in the future.

Artists will retain full rights to whatever they produce and will offer an original sketch as a prize and give Green Thing and UNICEF the rights to use the image to promote the campaign and cause.

What will Climate Kid look like?
We are already seeing and witnessing the effects of climate change, but over the next few decades these changes will get increasingly more extreme.

To cope with prolonged periods of intense sunshine, will children need Parasols that sprout out of their heads to stop them overheating or getting burnt?

For further inspiration and ideas please visit www.dacs.org.uk for the full brief.

If you would like further information about the campaign or how to participate, please contact Kim or Andy at Green Thing: kim@dothegreenthing.com / andy@dothegreenthing.com.

Fonte: http://www.dacs.org.uk/index.php?m=21&s=21&c=172

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