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VI “NOSOROG” Magazine Cartoon Competition

VI “NOSOROG” Magazine Cartoon Competition
Magazine for satire, humor and cartoons “Nosorog” organize its sixth international cartoon competition!
USA (United States of America)
 “How do you see them“
Cartoon, Caricature, Short Comics – will be accepted
First Prize: 200 euros + Diploma
Second Prize: Diploma
Third Prize: Diploma
10 Special Diplomas

Competition details:
1 – Technique: Any
2 – Maximum entries: seven (7)
3 - Write your name, country, address, phone number and e-mail address
4 - Deadline for entries: 15. January, 2013.
5 – Send your art-work on e-mail:
Note: 300 dpi resolution; JPG, JPEG format
6 – If you send by post, address is:
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Note: Please, do not send originals, because we will not send you back!
8 - IMPORTANT NOTE: In the event that the winning country is under international sanctions, the organizer is not responsible if it can not deliver the prize!
9 - Jury members:
Mrs. Maria Claudia Re, Argentina
Mr. Aleksandar Blatnik, Serbia
Mr. Milenko Kosanovich, Serbia
Mr. Gergi Josifov, Serbia
Mrs. Tamara Lujak, Serbia
Mr. Micha M. Tumarich, Serbia
Mr. Miladin Berich, Serbs Republic/BA
Mr. Goran Kljajich, Serbs Republic/BA
9 – After Competition, will be organized big Exhibition in National and University Library of Republic of Srpska, city Banja Luka
We wish good art-work and successful participation to everyone.
International magazine for satire, cartoon and caricature “Nosorog”
City Banja Luka
Republika Srpska
Balkan, Europe
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