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Uniform corruption - International Cartoon Contest -- 2010 Russia

DEADLINE: 1. 08. 2010

The inter-regional public organisation of assistance of protection of the rights of citizens "Justice" and portal Edition "" holds the International competition of caricatures "Uniform corruption". We suggest you to express the relation to the corrupted militiamen and public prosecutors, judges-bribe takers, customs officers-mzdoimtsam and other officials which parasitize at the expense of the state. In focus of our attention all those who has soiled official authority, forms and cloaks aspiration of a personal profit. Who lives on "recoils" or transforms supervised branches into family feeding troughs.


1. All interested persons, professionals and fans can take part in competition, without age restriction.

2. Quantity of drawings from participants beyond all bounds. Technics any.

3. The size A4, 300 points, JPEG a format., or prints-copies with «the wet signature» author.

4. Has no value, whether works have been awarded earlier, exposed or published.

5. On a work underside it is necessary to specify first name, middle initial, last name the author, the address, an e-mail box.

6. The post address: 127006, Russia, Moscow, street Dolgorukovsky, a. 38, p. 2., a Bar premise "the Law and the Person" with a mark " Justice "on competition".

7. An E-mail box: This e-mail the address is protected from spams-boats, for its viewing at you should be included Javascript

8. A closing date of reception of works - on August 1, 2010

9. Awards:
1st -1000 $ , 2nd - 500 $ , 3rd - 330$
Plus: A prize of spectator liking (from among the selected 100 best works) following the results of voting on the Internet - Ten Diplomas of Honour

10. Jury:
The president of jury - Michael Zlatkovsky,

a member of the Unions of artists and journalists of the USSR and the Russian Federation, a member of the French Academy of comic arts, Academies of authorities (St.-Petersburg), the International Academy of Pedagogics, the winner of numerous international competitions of a caricature, the gentleman of an award of the Honourable Legion Judges: - Sergey Tjunin,

the artist-caricaturist, the winner of tens international competitions of caricatures. Among awards - "Gold Ezop" to Bulgaria, "Gold date" and "Gold Andrey" in Italy, "Gold Ostap" in Petersburg. - Andrey Stolbunov, the lawyer, the chairman of board MOO "Justice" - Dmitry Baranovsky,

1st assistant to the general director of Open Society, the assistant to board MOO "Justice" 11. Following the results of competition 100 best works will be selected, will participate in an exhibition in Moscow and are included in the catalogue.

12. Participation in competition means the consent of authors to all conditions, including on gratuitous publication of works in any form.

13. The sent works do not come back to authors.

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