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The Water International Cartoonet - 2010

(Por e-mail)
Tema: Água - Melhor uso da água
Prazo: Abril, 20,2010

1-We address to all the professional and amateur cartoonists
regardless their age from all over the world.

2-The Tehran province Water & Wastewater Company and
Iranian house of cartoon invite you to Participate
in Water International Cartoonet (By email) contest-2010

3.Theme: Water
Best usage of Water

4.The number of sent cartoons is 5 .

5.Please attach in .doc format a brief presentation
of your artistic activity (surname and first name, address,
e-mail address, a photo and your CV)

6. prizes :
- First prize � 3000 US$, Trophy and Honorable Mention
- Second prize � 2000 US$
, Trophy and Honorable Mention
-Third prize � 1000 US$
, Trophy and Honorable Mention
- 3 Honorable Mentions

7.The cartoons must be sent at the e-mail address:

and they must be of 200 dpi resolution,
1500 Pixel( Horizontal or Vertical) and JPG format.
(Please do not send Zip or rar Format!)

8.The cartoons will be published in the web pages:

9.All the artists who will enter the exhibition, will receive the
catalogue of the contest.

10.Deadline:April 20 , 2009.

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