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13Th Graphic Humour International Festival

Talking about the 13Th Graphic Humour International Festival we can ask each other the reason why about an itinerant exposition, that as it is notorious need an huge organization effort.
The answer is easy: the itinerant exposition can reach a wider audience: infact every year the exposition is presented in 5 or 6 towns, while the one exposed in only one town will have an inferior number of audience.
Moreover the itinerant exposition can be shown in other countries, in other nations and also can be lent to other organizers in a global level.
Our association is a non profit making and in these crise period is much harder and tiring going on with our projects, considering that we can’t count on the same economic help as many other exposition.
But we always keep on going on, even facing some difficulties that often come against us, because we think that especially in th is period is necessary take a look at the situation with the humorist eye.

Tattoos and T-Shirts Borderline

1st Theme :
Tattoo art has really ancient origin, it was practised from Egyptian population. Tattoos signs has been found in 1991 in the man found under the ice in the Easter Alps between Italy and Austria. The Tattoo has been reintroduced in occidental society from adventure English men guided from Captain Cook after he came back to Tahiti in 1771.For this reason tattoe was linked to the sailormen and as between them there were people that boarded to escape from law also, it was linked to delinquency too.
In the 80’s,under the impulse of punk, heavy, rock cultures and other new tendencies young people start to get interested to tattoos

2nd Theme :
T-Shirt s/Magliette
The Hottest year period character, the T-shirt has become something much more than a clothing item. According to the researcher and writer Claudio Spuri, author of the essay “T-shirt stuff tattoos”, nowadays is a kind of a second skin.
T-shirt, as its name properly says, is the famous T shape shirt that with the passing of years became an universal clothing item.
Wonderful instrument for messages, ideas, philosophies and feelings communication, used from young people as from the adults. This simply indument is a mirror soul for those who wear it and it often become a real stuff tattoo that succeed in telling us, always and however, something more than his owner. T-shirt born in America in the early 40’s and became a part of the U.S.Navy uniform; it spreads itself in Europe during the 2nd World war. In 1950 Marlon Brando and James Dean wears it in their movies. Starting from the 60’s many rock bands start printing their logos on T-shirts. T- shirts printing, with the passing of years, became an economic way of communication to tell ideas, to advertise products and articles of all kinds until all this turned the T-shirt in a very popular article in dressing sector until it became a cult art product.

13th International Graphic-Itinerant Humor Festival
Opened to all the professional cartoonist. The works must be send accompanied by an author schedule
(name, address, country, photo or author's caricature)
Dimension : CM 20 x CM 30 - CM 30 x CM 40
Quantity : Maximum two paintings
1) The authors will have to POINT IN THE BACK of their paintings if they desire to participate inside the
competition or outside of it
2) Every author will be able to send no more than two works totally,one for each theme
3) The authors can send the original works at this address:

13Th Itinerant Graphic Humour Internat ional Festival
P.O.Box 52
00045 - Genzano di Roma
Italia - Italy

Otherwise they can send them by email ( smilefestival@libero.it / smilefestival2@yahoo.it ) in jpg format at 300 dpi
4) A jury formed by painters, journalists and field personalities will choose the finalist, and between them it will choose the five best drawings presented inside the competition and they will receive:
A) First prize "Humorist Cause "with the International Festival silver plate
B) Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Prize the special plate “Humorist Cause ". The winners classification will be published after the last exposition of the "13th International Graphic-Itinerant Humor Festival edition 2010
5) The Festival direction will indicate the result on the festival website, entering the catalogue to download in Pdf format ( www.festivalhumourgrafico.eu )
6) The selected authors will receive one copy of the Festival catalogue at the end of the manifestation
7) Each author is in charge of his own works' content, included the copyright of the authors themselves for what concerns titles, images and texts.
8) The Festival doesn't take any responsibilities for any possible damages during the mailing of works and for the mailing of the "Humorist Cause "prize.
9) The Festival will reserve itself the right to expose the drawings and to publish them on the catalogues or in articles concerning the Festival.
10) At the end of the Festival the works won't be given back and they'll become part of the International
Graphic Humor Festival permanent museum archive and they could be used for further expositions in Italy and in other countries.
11) The Festival organization reserves the right not to display those works that may infringe collective or pers onal rights.
12) The Authors give the authorization to the International Itinerant Graphic Humour Festival to publish their works and to print them. The Festival reserve the right to exhibit, to store away, publish on the web and eventually in other publication shapes not mentiond here.
13) The participation to the event implies the total agree of the present regulation.

Expiry date: Saturday 30th APRIL 2010
The launch preview of the exposition: June 2010
Itinerant exposition: July - December 2010

E.MAIL : festival@virgilio.it Website : www.festivalhumorgrafico.eu

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