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4th China Guangxi City College International Cartoon Contest 2010

4th China Guangxi City College International Cartoon Contest 2010

1) Theme:Future- Outer Space- Technology
2)Host & Sponsor:
Host: Guangxi City College
Sponsor: FreeCartoonsWeb (www.fcwfcw.com)
3) Deadline: September 28th, 2010 (The arrival of the works)
4) Entries:
-Size: min A3(297mm×420mm).
- Quantity: Unlimited.
- Works must be the hand drawing original by cartoonists, the ways of representation are free. Pictures with color or black & white are both allowed, it would be better if the works are good for exhibition. Computer working pictures are not accepted in this contest.
-Works must be drawn independently.
- Please sign the themes, author’s names, address& postal code, E-mail address at the back of the pictures.
5) Mail to:
Li Lin
2010 Guangxi City College International Cartoon Contest Committee,
NO.339 Fusui Street, Fusui C ounty,
Guangxi Province, 532100,
-Please mail the original works, recommend to use the big envelope. Do not pucker the pictures! Any production which is broken during mailing would not participate in the exhibition.
-Please fill in the Entry-Form, mail together with the works.
6) Jury & Adviser & Secretariat:
President of Judgment Committee: Huang Qigong (China)
Members: Xia Dachuan (China), Massoud Shojai Tabatabai(Iran), Yuriy Kosobukin(Ukraine), Rudy Gheysens (Belgium)
Adviser: Xu Pengfei
Secretary General: Huang Qigong
Vice Secretary General: Jiang Lidong, Zhang Wei
7) Choosing and Presenting works:
The contest organization committee will invite the domestic and foreign renowned cartoonists to form the appraisal committee, who will discuss and elect the excellent works, simultaneously, they will host the corresponding evaluation work on the line too. After the election had ended, we will invite the cartoonists who got the prizes and the appraisal committee to come to the Guangxi City College or the Guangxi Museum to attend the contest presentation ceremony, please pay attention to the announcement of media by the organization committee.
8) Copyrights:
Guangxi City College has the following rights to the participative works:
- The works will be displayed permanently on the website of Guangxi City College;
- The works can be collected ,published, and displayed or auctioned in public;
- The works can be published in other media and publications;
- The organization unit can authorize others’ legitimate applications.
- All participative authors regarded as tacitly approve this contest rule.
9) Awards:
Gold Medal (1 person): RMB18800 Yuan+Certificate+Album
Silver Medal (2 persons): RMB 8800 Yuan+Certificate+Album
Copper Medal (4 persons): RMB 3800 Yuan+Certificate+Album
Best Network Human Spirit Prize (1 person): RMB 6800 Yuan +Certificate+Album
Excellent Prize (20 persons): Certificate+Album
Being Selected (200 persons): Certificate+Album
10) Contact:
Guangxi City College website: www.gxccedu.com
Contest organization committee official website: www.gxccfy.com/cartoon
Organization committee office email: cygjmh2007@163.com

Contest organization committee address:
Guangxi City College International Cartoon Contest Organization Committee,
NO.339 Fusui Street, Fusui, 532100, Guangxi, China (apart from Nanning

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