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International Competition of Caricature and Cartoon - "Opera & Ballet"

International Competition of Caricature and Cartoon - "Opera & Ballet"

Association of Polish Cartoonists and Opera Fundation, in cooperation with Museum of Caricature in Warsaw, invites You to participation in The International Competition of Caricature and Cartoon "OPERA & BALLET"

Regulation of the Competition
Participation condition
All professional cartoonists

Opera and ballet (history, present time, famous artists etc)

Technical conditions
Works must be original and kind graphical technique will be accepted, including digital artwork if the prints are signed and if they are Print Number One. Prints digital artworks must be min. 300 dpi TIFF. Copies will be not accepted.

Number of caricatures or cartoons: Maximum 5

Size / File format:
Min 210 X 297 mm (DIN A 4)
Max 297 X 420 mm (DIN A 3)

The works should present on the reverse the following informat ions:
author's name and surname, post address, phone, mailing address, title of work. The author's CV, in English or Polish, should also be sent.

Deadline for works reception 30.03.2010.

The works should be sent to:
Stowarzyszenie Polskich Artystów Karykatury,
ul. Kozia 11, 00-070 Warszawa, Poland, with note: "OPERA & BALLET"

Prizes and jury:
The winners will be awarded the following prizes:
I - 1250 EURO
II - 1000 EURO
III - 750 EURO
and other mentions
All awarded and mentioned works will stay property of organizers competition. Jury will select works to the exhibition.

Exhibition will be opening in Polish National Opera House in Warsaw, in may 2010. After the exhibition in Warsaw will be other exhibition in Poland and other country and the works will be returned to their authors by end of 2011.

Catalo gue
All the artists whose are selected for the exhibition will receive a catalogue.
Any questions about this competition may be sent to organizers:
Superintendent - Jacek Frankowski: jacek@franek.com.pl
Artdirector - Witold Mysyrowicz: wmysyrowicz@aster.pl.

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