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4th International Zagreb Car Caricature

4th International Zagreb Car Caricature Honored Caricaturists (and all those who want to become one)
This years 4th International Zagreb car caricature exhibition 2010 marks the 112th anniversary of the car`s .rst appearance in Croatia. .e car was driven by Count Marko Bombelles to his home in Vinica near Varaždin.Since those early days, in all its guises, the car has becomean essential part of everyday life. “His Majesty”, the car, has become so necessary for work and play that it is di.cult to imagine any activity which does not involve the use of an automobile. From basic functions such as travelling to and from work, to every other type of economic, sport, cultural, political, recreational, tourist, health, military, police or “romantic” pursuit. It is omnipresent, ever desirable and IRREPLACEABLE! Life without a car is unimaginable. We ask ourselves how did<>we manage to live without the car for thousands of years.

With message and slogan of this years exhibition:
So our focus this year as well as a theme is going to be
With this theme we want to interest authors from around the world to warn public of a need to preserve nature. This is a fantastic opportunity for caricaturists from all around the world to “speak up” through their drawings and show advantages and disadvantages of their majesty – the Car.

Th e main sponsors for this year 4th International Zagreb Car Caricature Exhibition are the City Government. They will be presenting the Grand Prix prize. Croatian Automobile Club (HAK) – Zagreb Branch will be awarding the First Place Prize. .ere will be two more prizes (special acknowledgement) and 7 special recognitions. The other sponsors will be revealed on th e opening day.

This exhibition provides Zagreb and Croatia with an annual cultural and artistic show which is rapidly athracting international followers - with a theme instantly recognizable by all – cars in our daily work and life. Opening of 4th exhibition will take place in Zagreb in a lobby of City Government as a part of World Environment Day celebration.

Please send your caricatures and application forms (see a.achment) to the following address:

Huna d.o.o,
10000 Zagreb,Croatia

To be submitted by 23rd of April 2010.

We are looking forward to receiving your entry and meeting you at the exhibition. .ank you for your participation and cooperation. We hope your caricature will be selected for the exhibition and the catalogue! Ful l det a i l s , terms and condi t ions and appl i c at ion forms are ava i l able on the organi zer ’s web page www.huna.hr, and in co-operation with the Croatian Caricature Association, at www.hdk.hr.

Contact information:
Phone: 385(1)2430 302 , Fax: 385(1)2430 217, e-mail: info@huna.hr
Ivan Palatinuš (English, German, Spanish)
Kind regards
Ivica Palatinuš
For HUNA d.o.o.

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