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The 1th edition of the Rotterdam Cartoon Festival

The 1th edition of the Rotterdam Cartoon Festival
On september 7th 2009, the Rotterdam Cartoon Festival was officially founded by three enthousiastic
employees of the Rotterdam University of Professional Education.
The Rotterdam Cartoonfestival Foundation aims to select issues relevant to the Rotterdam society as
theme for the cartoon contest and the exhibition. This in order to focus and enlarge public and political
attention to these issues. De Foundation is not making any profit. This first Rotterdam Cartoon
Festival will be a part of the annual World Harbour Days that are organised in Rotterdam and always
attract lots of visitors. The opening of the exhibition will be friday september 3 2010.
The theme of this first edition of the Festival is: “Working in the port of the future” . The modern
port of Rotterdam is developing rapidly and innovative techniques are app lied all over. This offers
interesting new carreer oportunities for young people. However most people still associate working
in a port with heavy, unskilled labour. Too many (young) people in Rotterdam, are unaware of the fact
that the port urgently needs brains and creative ideas and offers new interesting qualified jobs and
career possibilities.
The festival organisers invite cartoonist from all over the world to draw cartoons that visualise this
future port as cartoonists are able to do so in an unexpected way. Cartoons make people smile, think
or both… What does a mainport look like in 2100? What job adventures are possible in such a port?
The Rotterdam Cartoon Festival is supported by the Dutch Association of Cartoonists ‘De Tulp’ and
by the international federation of cartoonist organisations FECO. FECO Contest regulations will be
applied by the Rotterdam Cartoonfestival.
Hope to see you in Rotterdam
Ma rtin Reekers
chairman cfr
Cartoon Festival Rotterdam
Wessel Gansfortweg 65
3052KM Rotterdam
T +31 (0)6 46770517
E info@cartoonfestivalrotterdam.com
Regulations for competition of the Rotterdam Cartoonfestival 2010
1. The name of this cartoon contest is Rotterdam Cartoonfestival
2. The theme of this contest is ‘Working in the harbour of the future’
3. The contest is open to professional and semi-professional cartoonists
4. The deadline for receipt of cartoons is may 1th 2010
5. The jury’s awards will be made before or on july 1th 2010
6. The exhibition will open on (date, place and period)
7. The size of artwork is to be (210x297 mm). Artwork is to be submitted unframed.
8 The maximum number of entries is to be 10.
9. The name, home address (and e-mail address), the value of the w ork, telephone number of the
artist is to be stated on the back of each cartoon. The artist is to provide a brief CV and a photograph
(or self-caricature). Also the submission of the entry form is required
10. The cartoons must be the original work of the artist. Cartoons that are deemed by the jury to be
the same or closely similar to that known to be the work of another cartoonist will not be judged.
11. The cartoons may not have been previously published.
The cartoons may not have been previously awarded. (State which of these sentences apply, if at
13. Non-digital artwork initially provided as color photocopies will not be returned. Artists of selected
works can be asked to provide original artwork, which will be returned at the organizers
expense (see 14)
14. Original artwork will be returned to the artists on request.
15. A catalogue will be published and one free copy will be supplied to each ar tist whose work has
been selected for exhibition.
16. Money-Prizes and trophies will be awarded as follows:
• First prize € 1000,-.
• Second prize € 750,-
• Third prize € 500,-
• € 100,- ( 3x )
Main-Prize winners will be invited to attend the opening ceremony and prize giving. The costs for
their stay and transport will be covered by the organizers of the cartoon contest.
17. The organizers have the non-exclusive rights to use awarded works (meaning works who were
awarded with a money prize) to advertise this and the next edition of the contest, without payment
to the artist. The organizers of cartoon contests claim no other rights to the use of awarded
Donation transfer of ownership of actual paper artwork to the organizers does NOT signify
the artist. Further rights are subject of a new agreement between the artist and the organizers.
18. The organizers claim no rights for the use of non-awarded works.
19. The organizers will be liable for the safe keeping of selected original artwork whilst in their possession.
If they intend to sell originals or copies, they cartoonist will receive the value of his works
as indicated on the entree form. For selling prints or copies the cartoonists will receive 50% of the
auction/selling prize.
20. The organizers will inform participants (by ordinary mail, trough e-mail or website information) if
cartoons are received and selected or not selected.
21. Address for delivery:
Cartoon Festival Rotterdam
Wessel Gansfortweg 65
3052KM Rotterdam
The Netherlands
T +31 (0)6 46770517
E info@cartoonfestivalrotterdam.com

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